There is a proverb in Shuvanguru Islands of North Sea.
"Touch the big wolf as delicate as touching the snow, while keeping the bonfire going in your eyes."
Wolves are irreplaceable for the people of this island who spend most of the year in a world of ice and twilight. They are partners to hunt seals, and as they are domesticated to some extent, they are also precious food for people in case of emergency, but needless to say, wild wolves attack people without mercy.
When a foreigner visits the island, when a baby is born, or even when someone passes away from this world, this proverb is whispered among people in tiny voices that you could hardly hear, as if it is a prayer. This is a rule to follow when they contact the outside world, and a philosophy to share with the others.
For the people living on the freezing land, others are always a threat to be on alert, but at the same time, a source of warmth which is difficult to obtain. Here, fear and respect, strictness and affection stick together. However, the proverb cannot be only for those who live on the frontier.
When you try to understand the outside of the reason, when you try to feel the outside of the sensitivity, the proverb is the guide like a high tide in Zion, or one and only lion that bites the lonely Orion, glowing from the sky up above the sea of Triton, hoping that the polygon will lie about the motion, attention, this is all an illusion, because the proverb is an imitation, Shuvanguru Islands itself is a fiction.

アニメ 「FLOAT TALK」(予告編)


演 劇 ダスト・イン・トランスレーション(火曜日)


小 説 「連弾」

●オリジナルアニメ「FLOAT TALK」の原作小説。

小 説 「いぇるにぐらう祭」


小 説 「善郎爺と悪三爺」


小 説 「蟹蟹合戦」


小 説 シャ―ロック・ホ―ムズの事件録 ~湯けむり旅情殺人事件~


【Limited】戯 曲 「亜空間飛行」


戯 曲 「スーパーで天啓を得た女」


コント 「名前をつけてやる」